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Anindya Kundu is Senior Fellow at the City University of New York in the Center for Urban Research. He has ample college and graduate-level teaching experience and maintains an active research agenda on the topics of higher education, educational leadership, workforce development, and urban education. Contact Anindya via Twitter.

Anindya studies the concept of agency, and investigates how disadvantaged students navigate obstacles to beat the odds against them. This research looks to make interdisciplinary connections between sociology and psychology, looking at the social and personal factors that can help young people overcome their limit-situations.

Anindya is the author of the forthcoming book, “The Power of Student Agency: Looking Beyond Grit to Close the Achievement Gap.” Teachers College Press will publish it in 2020.

Anindya’s Dissertation was titled, “Adding a Social Perspective to Grit: How Disadvantaged Students Navigate Obstacles to Succeed.” His dissertation committee consisted of Chair, Dr. Pedro Noguera (UCLA), Member, Dr. Lisa Stulberg (NYU), and Member, Dr. Angela Duckworth (UPENN).

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