Dr. Anindya Kundu

Hey! I’m Anindya Kundu and I’m a sociologist who loves thinking about how people can succeed despite various challenges. I have a Ph.D. in Sociology of Education from NYU and currently serve as a Senior Fellow at The City University of New York (CUNY).


I am invested in: Contexts in which youth thrive and learn best; urban education as a topic and lens to address the opportunity gap; cultural competency in educational spaces; mental health in higher education; race & inequality; agency & grit; and, social justice.

My scholarship involves “agency.” I investigate how strivers, or racial minorities from low-income backgrounds, navigate social, cultural, institutional, and economic obstacles to beat the odds. I research the resources, tools, and environments that all students need to thrive.

My book, “The Power of Student Agency: Looking Beyond Grit to Close the Opportunity Gap” comes out in 2020 (Teachers College Press). The renowned Dr. Pedro Noguera is writing the foreword.

My Dissertation was, “Adding a Social Perspective to Grit: How Disadvantaged Students Navigate Obstacles to Succeed.” In 2018, I won the NYU Outstanding Doctoral Teaching Award. My mentors are Dr. Pedro Noguera (UCLA), Dr. Lisa Stulberg (NYU), and Dr. Angela Duckworth (UPENN). I am also a Resident at TED.

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