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Hey! If you’re here and you want to give me some kind of shout out, please do! I’ll post all of them here!

❝Anindya is a visionary researcher who will undoubtedly impact institutional change within our schools.❞

– Tammy Darling, Social Studies & Psychology Teacher in Lexington, MA.

❝Anindya engaged the audience of educational leaders with concrete and inspirational stories grounded in reality that could be analyzed through the research. Practical, moving, and fresh.❞

– Rosa Apodaca, Senior Fellow, Institute for Learning.

❝Anindya is a dedicated professor who creates safe spaces for students to have challenging conversations about social justice as it relates to the education system.❞

– Samantha Ayala, Clinical Researcher, New York University.

❝Anindya Kundu’s fresh insight into grit and student agency changed how I thought about both. Without a doubt, his work has led to me being a better educator for my students.❞

– Jacob Chastain, Host of Teach Me Teacher Podcast, Middle School ELA teacher, Ft. Worth Texas.

❝I appreciate Anindya’s passion, commitment and scholarship, helping us remove barriers and facilitating our students’ success.❞

– John Malloy, Superintendent San Ramon Valley Unified School District.