Anindya is a charismatic speaker. His passion and empathy make him an especially effective communicator!

Dr. Angela Duckworth, psychologist and author of NYT Bestseller, GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Anindya is a dynamic speaker with research-backed insights. His ability to convey complex topics with compelling examples allows him to connect with broad audiences, and stand out in today’s education landscape.

Dr. Pedro Noguera, world renowned scholar of urban education


I am a scholar of sociology and education offering keynote presentations to institutions of higher education, school districts, and conferences on the topics of leadership, equity, and learning.

I fancy myself a “public scholar,” driven to engage with audiences and learn together over a fun experience. I work hard to bring an engaging, serious, yet lighthearted approach to discussing the most pressing topics in today’s education climate.

Anindya engaged the audience of educational leaders with concrete and inspirational stories grounded in reality that could be analyzed through the research. Practical, moving, and fresh.

Rosa Apodaca, Senior Fellow, University of Pittsburgh, Institute for Learning

Topics covered in talks:

Fostering Student Agency
The Contexts Needed for Grit
Addressing Opportunity Gaps in Education
Social and Cultural Supports that Inspire Learning
Connecting Race & Inequality to Teaching & Learning
Inclusive Higher Education

Anindya is a visionary researcher who will undoubtedly impact institutional change within our schools.

Tammy Darling, Social Studies & Psychology Teacher in Lexington, MA.


Keynote Address: Provoking Student Voice, Agency, Deeper Learning
Presented at the University of Pittsburgh, Institute for Learning, Designing for Difference Conference.


Anindya Kundu Live at the Moth

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